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Release Date: December 12, 2016
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All music Written & Produced by magenta flaws
Recorded & Mixed at magenta flaws Studio / Athens Greece
Final Mixing & Mastering by Stefan Konstantinidis / Fabrika Music Studio

Participating Musicians:
Leloo: Vocals in “Timework”, “Whorehouse”, “S117”, “Destroy Recreate”
JohnPa: Electronics & Piano in “Cutting Loose” – Drums in “Squares are circles”, “Destroy Recreate”,  “The day you erased”, “Corridor”
Vasilis Batalas: Tabla Drum Loops in “Timework”
Thodoris: Drums in “Goosebumps”
Paul Manuel Salent: Electronic Drum Loops in “Goosebumps”

All lyrics written by magenta flaws, except: “Let it go” written by magenta flaws & Vasilis Batalas, “Corridor” written by Vasilis Batalas and “Timework” written by Leloo

Special Thanks to:
Our families and friends for the moral and physical support
All the people who supported and believed in our music
JohnPa for providing recording equipment and ultra energy hyper fun and Vangelis Daskalopoulos for forgetting his gear in our studio. Antonis, Gianna Vel and Yv๑ for being there since the beginning, always cheering and supporting. Sotiris Roumeliotis for giving us the push and Dimitris Papaspyropoulos for the kick. All our neighbours through the years for tolerating us and especially those who were complaining politely. Our cats and dogs: Morgan for being there through our first steps, Kinka for her hospitality, Malu for letting us play along her talented genius and Ozzy for being “Ozzy”.
Finally to all the participating musicians and lyricists for any given help, influence and inspiration during the making of this album and last but not least, to Leloo for being the fourth member of magenta flaws.

Album Cover Image: Vangelis Pantazis
Album Artwork:

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